Gordon Bernard Company LLC


Based in Milford, Ohio, Gordon Bernard Company LLC has helped thousands of organizations with millions of calendars for over 6 decades achieve their Fundraising goals with quality, custom calendars. 

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Founded in 1949, Gordon Bernard is a family-owned business and employs approximately 30 employees. With core business in printing Calendars, the company focuses on fundraising organizations including Animal Rescue, Churches, Civic Groups, Fire Departments, Schools and other service groups. With over 60 years of fundraising experience, Gordon Bernard provides a great selection of proven, time-tested products to suite most fundraising needs.  

“Our primary product offering for Fundraising is our Wall Calendars.” said, Jerry Klein, General Manager for Gordon Bernard. “Of these, 99% of every wall calendar we print, uses Stuebing Automatic Machine Co binding equipment and tins, and because of this, we very much rely on our partnership with them to ensure our success.” 

The first manual Stuebing binding machines were purchased in the 1960's,and since then, the company has purchased and uses other, more current automated binding machines. “We still use our first automated machine purchased in the 70’s.”, continued Klein. “It’s just a beast!. And when we need servicing or repairs, Stuebing is there. They have great customer service and I can’t say enough good things about them.” 

For more information about the Gordon Bernard Company LLC, visit their website online at http://www.gordonbernard.com/