American Printing Company

AmericanCalendarlogoSince 1876, American Calendar Company has been pioneering the design and printing of calendars sold across the United States and shipped Internationally.  Based in Greeneville, Tennessee this company has been a family-owned business for over 3 generations.  American Calendar was the originator of the famous Almanac Calendar, and all calendars are USA Made, and includes a variety of calendar types such as desk calendars, wall calendars, and others.

Brandon Klein Photo cropped“As a value-added benefit for our customers, we use Stuebing’s tinning machines to reinforce and enhance our calendars.” said, Brandon Kilday, Production Manager for American Calendar.  “Given the diverse types of calendars we offer, we use different types of binding machines from Stuebing, including their ELF Model 30 and KACF Model 24 to accommodate various sizes from small tent style calendars to large 28” x 40” wall calendars.  We currently use Stuebing’s tinning products for roughly 30% of our calendars, and I’ve personally been working with them since I joined the family business at age 15.”  Kilday, continued.    “The Stuebing team has become an integral part of our solution and a truly trusted partner.”

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