Stuebing ELF Model 20" (510mm) and 30" (760mm)

ELF Model Binding Machine for Calendar Rimming from StuebingThis is a semi-automatic machine which automatically feeds the calendar slides from a magazine, and is capable of processing up to 8000 calendars per shift. The Stuebing Magnetic Metal Edger (ELF Model) has the following features:

Improved production rates.  The ELF Model 20 & 30 can produce 800 - 1000 edges per hour.

Simple to operate.  Simply place slides in feeder, touch foot treadle to place slide in position; then place the calendar in slide and press foot treadle. Calendar is rimmed in a single operation.

Automatically feeds slides.  Operator is relieved of placing each slide by hand. Feeder places each slide in its proper position.

Automatic register.  Machine positively and accurately registers printed stock and slide, lets the operator concentrate on feeding motion

Visible machine supply.  Operator can always see the slides in the magazine feed, and can quickly refill as needed, as all Stuebing Slides are nested for easy handling.

Quick adjustability for changing sizes.  Only two simple adjustments are required to change from one length to another.


Model Type Capacity Length Width Height Weight Production Rate
ELF-20 Magnetic 6" to 19 3/4" 29" 15" 11" 225 lbs. 800 - 1000 edges per hour
ELF-30 Automatically fed,
metal edging sudes
6" to 29 3/4" 37" 15" 11" 390 lbs. 800 - 1000 edges per hour

Motor:  All Models
1/3 HP, single-phase 11 5/230 volt direct gear drive


Setup and Adjustment Instruction Videos