Stuebing EL Model 20" (510mm), 30" (760mm)

EL Model Binding Machine Calendar Slides or TinsThis machine is an electrically operated production machine capable of edging or tinning up to ± 6000 calendars per shift (depending on the material used and the skill of the operator).

The Stuebing Electric Metal Edger (EL Model) is motor powered for applying metal edging to printed work.  An operator hand feeds the metal slide and then feeds the paper stock. A touch of the foot treadle triggers the closing action. Edging is applied neatly and uniformly.

Stuebing means speedy production.
Typical production rates for the EL Model Machines are 600 - 800 edges per hour and 800 -1000 or more edges per hour for the ELF Model Machines. This means a more cost efficient use of labor, resulting in greater profits for you.


Model Type Capacity Length Width Height Weight Production Rate
EL-20 Metal Edging 6" to 20" 27" 14" 9" 200 lbs. 600 - 800 edges per hour
EL-30 Slides, hand-fed 6" to 30" 37" 15" 11" 340 lbs. 600 - 800 edges per hour

Motor:  All Models
1/3 HP, single-phase 11 5/230 volt direct gear drive